The Italian WeddingThe Italian Wedding


Selene & Marco, 8 December 2018 Arezzo

Kindness, availability, and professionalism, they have impressed us since the first meeting. They managed to capture every single detail making each shot unique. They have managed our wedding day with competence, simplicity, naturalness and such sympathy. Thank you for capturing all our emotions. You have realized what we imagined: memories that perfectly tell the moments of our day.

Velia & Andrea, 1 September 2018 Citerna

We chose The Italian Wedding for the photographic service of our wedding, and we are really happy with our choice. They have been our discreet shadows throughout the day and have captured the best moments of our most important day. And the result was as we expected! We recommend to everyone The Italian Wedding!

Letizia & Alessio, 14 July 2018, Tuscany

The Italian Wedding: guarantee!

When you choose a photographer for your wedding you entrust the memory of one of the happiest and most important moments of a couple’s journey, and they have succeeded captured very well our day with photo and video! Every single people of this team was amazing, they accompanied us on our most important day with sympathy and professionalism! The photos are beautiful and have captured in a wonderful way the most beautiful moments of that special day. We are fully satisfied and very happy with both the photographs and the video (with a TOP soundtrack!) Highly recommended!

Erica & Giacomo, 29 September 2018, Camogli, Genoa

The Italian Wedding team is really special, they made us feel at ease from the first shots and during all the exciting moments of our day. Discreet and attentive, always available and affectionate, they were the best choice for us. With their experience in matrimonial photography and their creativity, they have been able to create unique and emotion-filled photos and videos, precisely because their work makes them excited. We recommend them with all our heart, they are a special team!

Angelo & Francesca, 4 August 2018, Umbria

Thanks to all the staff of The Italian Wedding. A professional and crazy team that knows how to transmit passion, competence and joy in the art of photos and videos. An exciting experience.

Flavia & Alessandro, Pre-Wedding, 26 February 2017, London

Really amazing! I enjoyed professionalism and fun during the shooting with them.

Thanks so much!

Romina & Martin, 6 October 2018, Assisi, Umbria

An ability to capture the moment in a never trivial way! Great class, profession and sympathy.

Really thanks!

Deborah & Michele, 6 August 2016, Migianella dei Marchesi, Umbria

Very good, smiling, helpful and professional. An exceptional staff !!!

Lucile & Nicola, 20 May 2017, Ramazzano, Umbria

Simply unique! From morning to evening, they have captured every moment of the day. We could not have made a better choice with regard to photos and video. Super professionals, discreet and able to put you at ease from start to finish. A reportage-style photo shoot with natural and real shots that capture the emotions of that day. Always available before (and after!) The wedding. Thank you very much, Lucile and Nicola.

Michela & Daniele, 22 August 2015, Città di Castello, Umbria

A really simply wonderful service. They accompanied us in one day full of emotions and was everything perfect with their services! Thank you so much!

Daniele e Clarissa, 3 June 2018, Assisi, Umbria

Professionalism and discretion. I can safely say that we didn’t notice them, they were very discreet, and this was what we were looking for. They have conducted a professional service, respectful of our times and our spaces, with an incredible result. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

Claudia & Luca, 27 May 2017, Anghiari, Tuscany

We could not have chosen better! “The Italian Wedding” are young, professional, original guys, with a desire to work. It was a wonderful day and they were able to stop time with their photos and videos! Thank you.

Valentina & Francesco, 9 July 2016, Assisi, Umbria

Two beautiful and talented girls as photographers. With them you will find flexibility, availability and excellent precision and thrilling photos full of emotions! Each of their photos contains the feelings of that day. They will help you to spend a fabulous day, they will put you at ease and will make you laugh to calm the tension of that day. For me, they are the best. Great professionalism. Still a huge thanks to these wonderful photographers.

Daniela & Luca, 9 July 2016, Perugia, Umbria

Simple, available, funny, original and discreet; we couldn’t have chosen better. In reality, the choice was of my husband who, being passionate about photography, found them on a professional photography site. Their photos impressed him and we contacted them. They were very helpful in defining the service for a very intimate wedding. We come from Milan, the wedding was in Perugia, a wonderful city but we didn’t know it. This is why they recommended the most beautiful places to take photos. They were punctual in delivering and keeping all the commitments made. Thanks again!

Brigilda & Yuri, 14 May 2016, Foligno, Umbria

We met Elisa and Monica advised by a dear friend of ours. We immediately found ourselves in harmony and fully satisfied our needs, working with professionalism and creativity; fundamental qualities in this profession. Their way of working in pairs is essential. Working in two they manage to catch different nuances of the ceremony and to go to the house of both spouses eliminating the hurry and the frenzy. We can only advise you to all of you who want to immortalize this unforgettable moment forever.

Cecilia & Fabiano, 12 September 2015, Velletri, Lazio

Knowing how to seize the moment, the perfect moment, what all the spouses would like in a day when they will be so excited that they do not fully enjoy it. From experience, I say that reviewing these photos made me finally relive those hours of happiness. The naturalness of the photographs, the details and the style of recovery capture the essence and the spirit, as well as the beauty of the organization, of the day of celebration. Absolutely highly recommended in every respect!


Cecilia & Alessio, 25 July 2015, Umbria

I got married a year ago, disorder and disorganization reign in my house, I hate organization and too inflexible rules. Our photographers have placed themselves on tiptoe in this chaos passing by helping us with nail polish, making coffee and, what was my goal to have fun with us and understand our needs. The photos are beautiful and they speak of us, of our characters, of our history, of the people we love in short they could not do better. Happy marriage to all, Cecilia.